OpenSuse 11.2

is opensuse 11.2 gnome a piece of … a very bad product?
or latest gnome?
or my hardware?

i’ve install opensuse 11.2
the very 1st issue was that i can’t drag and change items on the windows panel. ok, that was solved after 2 months (however this happened in no other latest version of fedora, mint, ubuntu - these are the other linux distros i’ve tried recently).
the 2nd issue is that things are not displayed properly - there are “stripes” on my display in which text is displayed fine and stripes with blurred areas. (i don’t have this in either fedora, mint or ubuntu)
the 3rd issue is that that god **** pointer is displayed partially!!! ****! it looks normal until i point it to a weblink or something like that. that is just disgusting (i have this issue also in mint)

so i am wondering if opensuse 11.2 is so bad? or latest gnome so bad? or my ati radion hd2400 or monitor or anything else is bad??

i am writing this running windows xp. and **** that windows xp seems really the most stable and user friendly and easy to maintain system.

ubuntu is just terribly slooooooooooooow.
mint is nicer and better and has the very best linux start menu and some nice and pleasant improvements over ubuntu, but is slooooowww, because it is based on ubuntu.
opensuse 11.2 is fast, but has really really annoying and stupid bugs.
fedora is fast, but has the ugliest and most uncomfortable graphical package management tool and that bug reporting bulb that appears after very each system start is driving me crazy.

****, what distro should i choose for just normal, bugless, stable, general, no specific application dependent work on my pc?

My recommendation is to use Windows 95 :wink:

My good friend,

First of all, if you relly on graphical interface to use a system, I would actually recommend you OSX or Se7ven. Real men don’t need Graphical Interfaces to move files and stuff like that.

Now, messing up with your points:

#1 - There is a problem with your install. Mine does work properly. I can’t say the same about Fedora, which sees my GUID partitioned drive as full free space, such a thing didnt happened with openSuSE. Every distro has strong points. You know you can install GNOME from source or rebuild it? If you don’t like GNOME distributed with openSuSE, rebuild the Fedora sources then, or the vanilla GNOME.

#2 - My other laptop has also lines badly displayed. Thats because the GPU overheated the smoldering of GPU Memories went broken. But this is not your cause, most likely you installed Windows TTF fonts (case sensite) and you have some fonts overlaping others. This does trigger the stuff you describe, and in most cases, the problem is located between the cair and the keyboard, not on the distro itself. Even with the great details you provided we will need a fortune teller to try to diagnose it.

#3 - Your pointer? Nice, that is most likely related to bad configuration… Once again you supply no information related ot the system or kernel output/X logs. So it’s not even worth trying to diagnose.

You like Windows, use Windows (and in this case, make sure you have legal software, not doing such is consideres stealing). You want POSIX compliant system for dummies, use OS X, you can have legal for 30$US on IA32 if you select your hardware carefully, and the 2400 does support Quartz EC/QI.

The good advantage of any linux flavour is customization. Nothing out of the box will be perfect for most users.

The best rule ever applied to linux newcomers: RTFM.

And I have to finish this with my favourite quote:

“Men are so simple and so much inclined to obey immediate needs that a deceiver will never lack victims for his deceptions.” - Niccolo Machiavelli

  1. the idea is not that MS sofware is best.
  2. pointer, misconfiguration, the problem betweet the chair and keyboard, real men - listen, i just want everything to work smooth immediately after installation. which does not happen with opensuse 11.2. this is the point.
    opensuse 11.1 worked absolutely perfectly on my hardware without any need in much “proper configuration”. and opensuse 11.2 doesn’t.
    if you like speding your time filosophically properly configuring your system, building things from sources and viewing kernel output/X logs - go on.

as to win 95 - i’ll follow your advice.

3)all i wanted is too express my emotions related to latest linux experience. and if linux is not for newcomers - then that’s a nice position for an OS.

4)anyway i’m moving to fedora 12. at least it doesn’t position itself as the most “polished” system.

It all depends on what you want the computer for. Yesterday, I had a visitor from India and his son used my daughter’s computer (running oS11.2). He had never seen Linux before and my daughter created a temp password for him. She didn’t explain anything to him. I watched him quietly getting into the “games” menu and started exploring the games in the machine. After a couple of hours he was becoming an expert on those games like my kids. So, as far as those kids are concerned, they don’t care a **** as long as they can do what they want.

kimseysa wrote:
> 4)anyway i’m moving to fedora 12. at least it doesn’t position itself
> as the most “polished” system.

always best to use what pleases you!

it is true that openSUSE doesn’t please everyone on Earth…and, never


Problem 1: You have ATi.
Problem 2: You still have ATi.
Problem 3: And the ATi is still here.

Okay, here’s the deal:

  1. You need to get a grip!!!

  2. Cool off!!!

  3. and listen:

I have been through 10.1, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, and now 11.2.
I have used ubuntu 7.10, 8.10, 9.04.
I have played with Linux distro’s from DSL to Slakware; Fedora to Knoppix.


My mom & dad have an old computer, and many linux versions act up on it- for no reason.

I run oSS 11.2 on my laptop, and it works great!!!


I am a convert from windows, and I have used 95 98 XP & vista- NONE of them are perfect either!!! (well, 98 got close… ;-))

Good Point!!!

> Real men don’t need
> Graphical Interfaces to move files and stuff like that.

What a sack of crap. Real men know how to use innovations so
they don’t have to work with the arcane. Yes, you use a lighter
now to create fire, you don’t rub two sticks together or wait around for a
lightning strike, so don’t pull the ‘I’m a genius because I use the command
line.’ card.

> Problem 1: You have ATi.
> Problem 2: You still have ATi.
> Problem 3: And the ATi is still here.


That’s one way of seeing things, on the hand you can make different interpretation. Most of his problems seem to be driver related in X, I would point most likely a RadeonHD driver there. If he has so much graphical distortions, one should for sure switch to runlevel 3 and debug it/fix it.
Thats the real strength of the terminal, it works perfectly all the time :wink:

It’s not ATI problem, it’s actually a philosophy problem with proprietary chunks of code. 'Nough said.

If you search on Slashdot, some years ago a study was conducted in Finland with 10 year old children. They were given basic linux concepts and basic windows concepts and made to use both.
In the end the vast majority decided that Linux was easier and more intuitive.

Linux powered OS’s have improved a lot and deploy something “different”, that is what actually scares many users. The best thing on it, is that you actually command the machine and not the other way around.

> Thats the real strength of the terminal, it works perfectly all the
> time :wink:

Yep…except in the hands of the unwashed, then who knows what happens.
This one is my particular favorite mistake I’ve seen, as root,
rm /dev/null

(oh and to any readers, don’t try this at home)

rm …

This most likely more popular :slight_smile:

I agree I would never buy any computer with ATi in it. NVidia is far better

It took me a while to type this as I was dying with laughter.

Bur seriously… from experience, never a truer word spoken. Having moved off ATi, the quality of experience is like night and day.

VIA is even harder. Trust me on this.

Is this forum dedicated to bash ATI or something?

I have read so many comments on this issue here… I myself prefer NVidia as well, but reading these comments one might get the impression that it’s almost impossible to get an ATI running, and that of course is total bullsh|t. Older cards might not be supported anymore and some of the newer cards work better than others (this can be googled before buying a card), but claiming that NVidia is the only way to go on Linux is wrong (unless they sponsor me).

Stop spreading one-sided FUD, please.