openSUSE 11.2

Hey everybody over here,

I am new to openSUSE, and I like it so far! KDE is really beatiful!

But jeah, that’s my opinion. Let’s have it about my question. rotfl!

I did a few hours a go a fresh install of opensuse 11.2.
With Ubuntu I had to do some things after the instalation, such as configuring the multimedia etc. Do I need to do that with openSUSE to? Is there a “Do this direct after install” Howto?



Not sure what you’re after but there are a couple things I do directly after
install. Specifically, I’ll set up an update repository
(Yast–>Software–>Online Update Configuration). Then I’ll set up the
packman repo (Yast–>Software–>Software Repositories–>Add–>Community
Repositories–>Packman) for things like mp3 playback and other things that
they aren’t able to include in the release for whatever reasons. Then if
I’m on a machine that would benefit from a proprietary video driver I’ll
add either the NVidia or ATI repo and install the appropriate packages (for
nvidea see ( for ATI see

Other than that it’s really up to you. :slight_smile:


Also read up on this page Restricted Formats - openSUSE to get the low down on how to get all the multimedia working.

Wilson Phillips wrote:

> Also read up on this page ‘Restricted Formats - openSUSE’
> ( to get the low down on how
> to get all the multimedia working.
“As an alternative, encode your audio files in Ogg…” Good idea anyone
remember which package mp32ogg is in?


Where can I find the drivers for a:
GeForce4 4200 Go ?

It’s still for openSUSE 11.2.

I have still got a few questions:

  1. I want to change my login screen, but when I change it, and reboot, it’s still the normal one.

  2. I am working on a Dell Latitude D800, witch uses “FN” keys. How do I configure them? When I press “Fn+F10” (witch is “open cd tray”) Happens there nothing.

For your first question I cannot answer as I dont know your DE yet, as for your second well sadly I have not seen a case where laptop function keys really work with Linux.
I can personally deal without em but it does stink a little not being able to use them, not linux’s fault of course though.

Ok. But wat is my DE? I can give you a screen.

Taralkeda, you must have been very unlucky. 11.2 uses all of the FN keys on my Eeepc 900, and those I’ve tried so far on my Toshiba Satellite Pro (screen brightness, volume etc), although the latter required some adjustment in the grub menu.lst boot options (acpi_osi=Linux).

Looks like KDE4 then. The rest is Dutch to me :slight_smile:

How do I do that?

By the way, I really can’t change my login screen. How do I change it? When I select the screen I want, and when I then press “toepassen” (witch means ok), my login screen is still the default one?!

How do I know witch drivers I need for my nVidia GeForce4 4200 GO?

How do I configure the shortcuts? So when I press Fn+F10, my cd tray ejects