openSUSE 11.2 YaST - Add Software Repostory

Dear all,

i have followed the instruction at Creating_YaST_Installation_Sources and created a repomd/rpm md/YUM Sources using the createrepo command.

the repo url is

but when i try to add this repo in the YaST - Software Repositories, there is always a connection time out. (But i can access the repo thru browser so i think that should not be a network problem).

and i found that it try to get the ~/media.1/products from my repo. but according to Creating_YaST_Installation_Sources, my repo is NOT a “real” YaST repository. and seems the YaST does not know that is a repomd/rpm md/YUM Sources. How could i solve the problem. Thanks.


Finally i can make my yum repo work…

it always shows connection timeout if i add the repository on the openSUSE GUI (YaST Control Center -> Software Repositories).
but if i add the repository using zypper command

zypper addrepo -t YUM ubuntu_yum

then it works.

i am not sure whether it is a bug in openSUSE 11.2