opensuse 11.2 xen trying to create solaris 10 guest

I just put up an 11.2 server to run xen, my hardware does NOT support full virtulization. I wanted to create a solaris 10 guest. I downloaded the dvd iso and put it local in a place with proper access. I create the guest, but when it goes to launch the installation, i get the following message:

The installation source is unusable.

when I run vm-install --debug, i get the following, what am i doing wrong? btw, the iso seems good, I can mount it and explore it.

DEBUG do_progress_change: 0.38
DEBUG do_progress_change: 0.75
DEBUG Installation source: 2.4 GB CD-ROM or DVD (file:/media/ISO/sol10.iso)
DEBUG Examining ‘/media/ISO/sol10.iso’ for partitions…
DEBUG Running: ‘/sbin/sfdisk’, ‘–force’, ‘-d’, ‘-uS’, ‘–’, ‘/media/ISO/sol10.iso’]
DEBUG Mounting a disk: ‘/bin/mount’, ‘-o’, ‘loop,ro’, ‘/media/ISO/sol10.iso’, ‘/tmp/tmp4F3bfX’]
DEBUG Running: ‘/bin/mount’, ‘-o’, ‘loop,ro’, ‘/media/ISO/sol10.iso’, ‘/tmp/tmp4F3bfX’]
DEBUG do_progress_change: 0.80
DEBUG Unmounting a disk: ‘/bin/umount’, ‘/tmp/tmp4F3bfX’]
DEBUG Running: ‘/bin/umount’, ‘/tmp/tmp4F3bfX’]
INFO vminstall.Error caught in The installation source is unusable. (2.4 GB CD-ROM or DVD (file:/media/ISO/sol10.iso))
INFO Installation failed, so destroying VM
INFO Installation failed, so cleaning up disks
INFO Deleting created disk ‘/var/lib/xen/images/solaris10/disk0’
ERROR VM creation job failed: The installation source is unusable. (2.4 GB CD-ROM or DVD (file:/media/ISO/sol10.iso))
DEBUG do_progress_close
DEBUG do_show_error
DEBUG _do_show_error
DEBUG _do_show_error: error was ‘The installation source is unusable. (2.4 GB CD-ROM or DVD (file:/media/ISO/sol10.iso))’
DEBUG do_done
DEBUG _do_done: state was ‘Preparing to start the installation…’


I got the same problem.

I have managed to run the Solaris’s boot loader, but than it fail:

vm-install --no-install

configured solaris 10 (max ram was limited to 512MB)

configured a hard drive in a file
configured cd rom – device pointing to a iso image


Then in */var/lib/xen/images/<name of the machine>/xvda * was missing (the name of the harddrive that I configured in the wizard.

Created by running:

dd if=/dev/zero of=xvda bs=1k seek=2048k count=1

Then in /etc/xen/vm/<name of the machine> file you can specify more RAM and you have to assure that in flag disk = … – the cd rom drive is the first one.

Then just booted using:

xm create /etc/xen/vm/<name of the machine> -c

Then I’m able to see the bootloader – to choose the type of installation, but after I choose one, the virtual machine fails:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File "/usr/bin/pygrub", line 660, in <module>
     chosencfg = run_grub(file, entry, fs)
File "/usr/bin/pygrub", line 531, in run_grub
             grubcfg"kernel"] = img.kernel[1]
TypeError: 'NoneType' object is unsubscriptable
             us000604:/etc/xen/vm # Error: Boot loader didn't return any data!