openSUSE 11.2 / wineASIO

i have problems to install wineASIO to openSUSE 11.2.

Packet installer says that “repository exists” already,
don’t know what to do.

runs Reaper through wine but VST plugins wont work.

got solution??

For 11.2 I’ve only had the option of building from source. []


I still use the version from jacklab, though I seldom use vsthost through wine and I’m not sure if it works properly. It used to work.

Index of /pub/linux/misc/jacklab/openSUSE-11.0/RPMS/i586

You shouldn’t add this repo as it is for an older OS (11.0), just download and install it, and run registration.


my way to handle it was to download opensuse 11.0.

to build from source, we tryed. didnt work for some reason.

thank you for the help!!

OK, have you installed OpenSuSE 11.0?
There are some alright native apps as well, both for 11.0 and 11.2. I do also use, in addition to wineasio, the dssi-vst and fst libs from the older Jacklab repo in my OS 11.2. Those work fine, and gives you the possibility to run vst plug-ins into some native sequencers/recorders. However, there are lots of native synth/effect plug-ins which are considered more stable than vst on Linux. Though not as graphically fancy, perhaps.

Which kernel do you use with OS 11.0 (if that is what you are running now)?