OpenSuSE 11.2 w/ KDE 4.3 [i586]: Editing the startup script manually?

I’d just installed a *nix antivirus called Avrira Antivir (from downloaded script & installation files), but it completely froze my system when I tried to start it, and the system freezes at the login screen; which is probably because I selected the option of running it automatically upon startup…

So here’s the deal: I know that I can run a live Linux usb to mount my current fs, then edit the file(s) that load the Avira processes on startup, but I don’t know what these files are, much less which directories they are in!

Can somebody please tell me where all of the startup script files are located? Please reply quickly, as all my college assignments are in the /home directory of this installation, and I need to complete them right away!!!

Would it not be easier to just uninstall that crud?!

I’m planning on doing that… but I can’t exactly do that until I’m able to actually boot into the system, which I’m not currently able to do, because it’s trying to start it automatically and thus causing the system to freeze before I can login. Therefore, I still really need to know how to prevent it from starting by manually editing whatever files make linux run it automatically…

I take it you have auto login enabled?

You can boot to a basic yast like this
Level 3 Boot and Yast - Windows Live

I take it you installed this anti virus via the package manager?

No, it came in a tar.gz file with it’s own install script…

Please check to see if the package is visible in Yast. Antivir is available in the repos.


If you didn’t delete your Makefile, you may be able to remove the program by doing a make uninstall

Look at the file called README.uninstall in the root directory of the
unzipped file.

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