openSUSE 11.2 vs. Ubuntu 9.10 memory consumption

Hi there, to all!
I have a question, but here`s my situation first:

  1. I run Ubuntu 9.10 on a Core2Duo processor, Asus P5B motherboard, 3 Gb DDR3, 160Gb HDD - everything runs smooth, but Ubuntu 9.10 takes from 600Mb of RAM to 800-900 sometimes, and my HDD makes a lot of noise all the time.

  2. I run openSUSE 11.2 on the same computer, with the same specifications, using it exactly for the same purposes, and runs very smooth, openSUSE 11.2 takes form 200 to 400 Mb of RAM maximum, no HDD strange noises…

Why is that? Why Ubuntu 9.10 takes twice or even three times more RAM than openSUSE 11.2? What makes Ubuntu to my HDD to produce that noises??

Thank you so much, and I`ll appreciate also if someone has similar experiences… wanna put them all on my openSUSE blog.

Thanks again friends!

If you are running openSUSE KDE vs Ubuntu GNOME then you are comparing apples and oranges.

Why didn’t you get a running process list for the two OS’s?

The reason could be the Linux kernel?

I`m using Linux Kernel with openSUSE 11.2

Ubuntu 9.10 uses Kernel Linux

No, no! I`m speaking about GNOME!

I use GNOME in openSUSE 11.2 and also in Ubuntu!

:X I didnt thought about it... now its too late… I don`t want to install that Ubuntu again on my pc just for this… :slight_smile:

I don`t want to install that Ubuntu again
And with that kind of performance neither would I.

For me OS11.2 and Ubuntu 9.10 run about the same, both work fine.

I wasn’t taking a swipe at Ub* - I actually find it works really well. And I suspect the OP here had an unidentified underlying issue.

Wasnt saying you were swiping at buntu, but yes a config issue here might be at blame.

I didn`t touch any Ubuntu 9.10 configuration…same for openSUSE 11.2

I`m speaking about runing these 2 distros immediately after a fresh install…

so… ??!

I said you had a: unidentified underlying issue

But since you didn’t even evaluate running processes from ‘top’ either, we have to use such sweeping statements.