opensuse 11.2 vs kubuntu performance in VirtualBox

I’ve been using opensuse as a hobby since 10.1, but since installing 11.2 in VirtualBox on a Win7 64-bit 4GB machine worked pretty good I thought I’d try Kubuntu to compare since I’d never used it.

Differences, I installed the DVD version of opensuse, and the CD version of Kubuntu. Similarities, both are 32 bit versions, both have VBox additions installed, both have 1.5Gb Ram, both can see both cpu of my Core2 Duo.

Kubuntu seems to be more responsive. Overall a little faster, the fonts looks better, and the display resolution dynamically changes when I switch from a (smaller) window to full screen.

The question is is this real, can I do something easily to opensuse to improve it’s performance to match that of Kubuntu?


Maybe it’s just the video driver/performance?

You are not alone in your findings. But I don’t have a solution for you. Sorry.

Ok, thanks for the reply.

Actually in virtualbox I find openSUSE to perform very poorly compared to *buntu and other linux based distros.
But this does not translate on how well it will do on a actual install

Quite true. I agree

I guess I might be switching to Kubuntu for a while as there is a definite boost in performance just using/moving around the system. I was using opensuse on a P4 3.2Ghz 2GB Ram box I had, but didn’t really like having two PSU using energy, so since Kubuntu seems to run better in VirtualBox I can now use just one computer, my much faster E6750 Core2.

I had opensuse down pretty good in terms of yast and sax, etc., but don’t know anything about how Kubuntu works. Any suggestions for good forums like this one?

On a actual install for install I would be surprised if there was much in the two OS’s. But honestly, openSUSE has one of the best deployments of KDE there is.
I’m not scared to say I actually like Ubuntu or Kubuntu, but if openSUSE installed well on my system IT would be my choice and should I have issues and have to look elsewhere - my next stop would be Fedora. I guess I’m more a purist when it comes to distro’s.

Yeah, I like opensuse, since it’s so complete but if I had to say something negative it would be that it’s seemed a little heavy. I’m not a power user on Linux, just trying to stay with it to see if there’s a day when I could dump MS all together. Do you think it has anything to do with the fact I installed ‘only’ the Kubuntu CD and the full opensuse DVD? If I installed a opensuse CD version might that be lighter?

Doesn’t Ubuntu still use SquashFS - So the actual install is probably bigger than you think.


If you want lightweight, you could try XFCE desktop, and I’m sure you can de-select a few packages you won’t need at install time, on openSUSE.


But is it just me or does openSUSE run like a slug in Virtualbox?
I always had issues running it in VB, even with 2GB of RAM

No, you are right, it does.

Ah, well thats good I am not the only one having issues with it.
Is there any reason why its slow though?

Search me. I really can’t see why it is this way. But Ubuntu is really snappy.

Doesnt hurt to ask though, but yeh ubuntu kicks some butt in Virtualbox.
But the best one I tried in virtualbox in my experience is Mandriva, and Fedora.

Really. Haven’t tried either of those for a while.
Well, I have used Fedora for real, but that was on my box, OS 11.1 didn’t play nicely. Fedora gets my vote as 2nd choice OS.

Fedora is nice, I particularly like YUM.

The blue theme is, in my opinion, an obvious advantage over Ubuntu.


Yeah big plus+lol!
I was thinking more along the lines, bleeding edge, rock solid, power users distro.

Anyone filed a bug report? A comparative performance issue, ought to be very trackable down.

In Phoronix benchmarks oS-11.2-rc1 stood up much better than Ubuntu 9.10 release, when run off against a CentOS server on same hardware.

There’s probably an explanation, and the project will be interested to have this info.