Opensuse 11.2 > use Proxy non HTTP

Alright, I have hopefully a simple one. I need to have Opensuse 11.2 use my proxy server here in the office and it is by hostname/ip:8080 only not HTTP. The problem is using Yast2 I don’t have the option of using the proxy that way it wants http. Please advise.

Oh hey everyone, this is my first post and registration. I’ve been using opensuse on and off since 9 (great flavor BTW my favorite) Easy as you need it to be and just as complicated as you want it to be, a perfect mix.

Welcome to the forums and enjoy !!!

In KDE4: Systemsettings - Networkconnections - Proxy. Configure settings here and you should be alright

You know I forgot to mention I was using yast and ifup. When I switch to network manager it goes to DHCP and I can’t configure the devices they don’t show up. Any ideas?

I cannot see my network connections when I use network manager. Is there a fix for this? Right now my connections are set to use dhcp and I can’t change that.

Alright I made it through that it was my own lack of attention to detail. I wasn’t appending the :8080 to the end of the server name.

Only problem is that it isn’t actually using that proxy for internet it’s still going through my default gateway. Any ideas?

Alright well with some patience and configuration changes I figured out how to get this working completely.

Would you care to share how you got it working?

I have setup my proxy information in Yast and tested it as working. Still cannot do an online update!!!

I got it working by editing /etc/sysconfig/proxy. Very odd that through the GUI tools it’s a no-go!? - at least with authentication!