OpenSUSE 11.2 USB Install on Transcend IDE Flash Module 4GB Problems


I´m having problems installing OpenSUSE 11.2 on a Intel SS4200 on a Transcend IDE 4GB Flash Module. I´m using a USB stick as install source. The Intel SS4200 device does not come with PS2 ports. Therefor I´m using USB keyboard and mouse. I have to use the vesa graphics option on the boot menu, otherwise the USB keyboard and mouse won´t work. Unfortunately the OpenSUSE installer does not recognise the Transcend 4GB Flash Module. What can I do?

Best Regards,

René Heinze

I tried installing puppy linux and centos and both distros recognise the DOM (Transcend IDE Flash). It still does not work with OpenSUSE. Do I have to load a module for OpenSUSE to recognise the DOM?