OpenSuSE 11.2: Root fs corrupted, Help!!!

I was unable to boot into my system after I’d just shut it down, so I tried repairing it using my installation media… only to find that though my root Ext4 fs on sda6 was corrupted & supposedly repairable, the cd could not do so for some reason!!! All I can get is a command line, saying something about the root fs being mounted as read only, and I have no idea how to resolve this… I cannot afford to loose ANY of the data I have on here, so will someone please tell me how this can be fixed, and quickly!!!

I also have an online final that I must complete today, so this is urgent^9000, and I can’t think straight under these kinds of circumstances!!!

You need to boot from the original install source and select the
‘Rescue Mode’ at the login enter root and just press enter for the
password. Then run the fsck check on sda6 as any partition needs to be
unmounted to do the check.

Cheers Malcolm °¿° (Linux Counter #276890)
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To begin with, we not garantee any solution to this, we can only try to help. Not we, but you are responsible for your data integrety. That is for making backups at regularly (to be defined by you considering the impact of disk crashes) intervals and storage at a save (again defined by you considering burning systems or exploding houses) place.

I hope you have a seperate /home partition (as advised so often here on the forums), because in that case data you creted for your normal work is still there on a not corrupted partition. In that case I would advice you to first make a copy of those file in /home to an external medium, just for savekeeping and maybe even to work with it on another system.

Meanwhile you could fonm the repair system try to fsck sda6. See what it does and report back if you want more advice on this.