openSUSE 11.2 Roadmap and new 8-month release schedule

Hi everyone!

I am surprised there isn’t a thread yet about the new 11.2 and new release schedule adopted by Novell.

You can read it here, pretty interesting!

I agree with an 8-month schedule, as personally on my home machine I couldn’t keep up with 6-months. I must say that 11.0 and 11.1 don’t have all the KDE goodies I wanted or even some fallback from KDE3.5, of course 4.2 catches back most of it, but let’s wait for 4.3 in 11.2 then. :slight_smile:

I will be running 2 years, from Dec 07 to Nov 09 with the same version. :slight_smile: Not bad, considering it’s running SO FLAWLESSLY ever since, wow!! 10.3 64-bits has been a real Windows killer for me. hahaha :slight_smile:

Comments on that new approach? Or on 11.2 itself?

Actually…there is a thread already. :slight_smile:

Oooooops :shame: lolll I didn’t check in Tech News section. Already long thread, nice. :slight_smile:

That is the reason I left windows in the first place. With Linux I can stay years not reinstalling…

Everything is great BUT i’d rather have a rolling release than as it is now:) I know Novell can’t do it as we are their guinea pigs to iron out all the bugs and to stabilize the platform(you didn’t think they sponsor openSUSE because they have a good heart did you;)?? ). Right now i’ll be trying to install Factory version along the normal one. If something breaks in Factory then there is always a way to go back to proved OS rotfl!

While you might initially like a rolling release,in time you’ll find it boring. I’ve found that after a time one misses the that near semi-annual makeover. I know, I came out of a rolling release(PCLOS). I’ve since found there’s something attractive about the frustration of it all every 6-8 months.

You mean like getting something completely different with every release? Doesn’t it happen in rolling releases?

No in a rolling release one gets bits & pieces not whole releases. It’s more like version 5.1 then 5.1.1, then 5.1.2 like that. Each5.1x will have 2-3 programs upgraded,maybe a kernal once every couple of weeks to month but it was all just fit so well you would just notice the new capabilities of the upgraded bit or piece. Then move on.
Sure some did cause problems but they were small.
Maybe I’m masochistic but I’ve come to like the jolts.

I agree with the jolts:)
Where is the fun of upgrading and killing/encountering BUGs :wink:
There was just one BUG that made me want to kill openSUSE developers :slight_smile: The dvd writing BUG except that everything worked out of the box :]