openSUSE 11.2 reinstallation strategy

I have the CD with the iso image file on it for openSUSE 11.2.

After I installed openSUSE, via the updating tools I installed more packages.

If for some reason I need to reinstall openSUSE 11.2, I’d like to use that same CD. But, how do I then know which packages I’ve lovingly serached out and installed in order to reinstall them again?

What is the strategy most people using openSUSE follow to deal with this problem? In Ubuntu I know that the downloaded packages are in a specified directory, so one could save them to a DVD for reinstallation. Is there a similar directory in openSUSE? Or, is there even a better strategy than this?


Open Yast software management
From Menu - File - Export
save the file

Later use File - Import

So, this exports only the stuff I installed? That is good.

Thanks for the help.