openSUSE 11.2 Recent Upgrade Unable to Input at Login

I just recently updated to openSUSE 11.2, but after restarting my computer, I was unable to do anything with the keyboard(type my password, CAPS LOCK, Ctrl+Alt+Backspace) or move the pointer with my wireless mouse.

After restarting the computer again, I turned on the touchpad of my laptop and was able to move the pointer using the built-in touchpad.

After yet a 3rd restart, I could not move my pointer using any method.

After a 4th restart, I chose to enter the failsafe mode, where I could attempt to find the problem from the command line. I manually started KDM as root by typing in “kdm”, but nothing happened, which means that the screen did not switch into graphical mode, but the terminal only accepted the command. Then, I manually started X as root by typing in “X”, and X started. I only saw a black screen, but I could not kill X by the traditional “Ctrl+Alt+Backspace” and was forced to shutdown my computer via the power button.

I do want to note that on every boot of my machine, “WARNING” messages have begun appearing, but they went so fast that I could not read them. If there is any way to read them, I would greatly appreciate knowing. Also when updating my machine, I remember ignoring some dependencies for kernel-extra, kdm-branding, sox, and gcc44-fortran; but I did not believe that ignoring these dependencies could cause a broken system so I proceeded with the upgrade.

I am in a dire situation and would appreciate your advice. I waited this long to update, because I wanted the software bugs to have been weeded out.

Did you install with the DVD. I hope so.
Use it to repair your install. You should proceed as if to install, then at this page:

choose repair
do automatic

No, I did not install with the DVD, but I simply upgraded the way I usually did by changing the repositories from 11.1 to 11.2.

See if it will boot to level 3 and start yast. See this
Level 3 Boot and Yast - Windows Live

Yast starts fine. Thank you for your help by the way!

You can use yast and see if you can do a system wide unconditional update

or instead of starting yast try this once you are su

zypper dup

Interestingly enough, the YaST control center began find, but after choosing the Software Management option, it loaded everything properly, but refused to begin. I was forced to use the “zypper dup” option.

After doing “zypper dup”, everything works well. Thank you for your help, caf4926!

You are welcome;)