OpenSUSE 11.2 on Virtual Box 3.2 installation problems

Having messed up my old 11.1 VM I decided to start anew with 11.2 on Virtual Box 3.2.

First attempt to install resulted in a crashing (aborted) system after the first reboot (before automatic configuration). Second attempt to install resulted in a GNOME-based system with a weird-looking login screen.

I tried to configure my account for auto-login but was told by the help that GDM or KDM are required for that. So I tried to install GDM (since I was using GNOME) and couldn’t find it. I installed KDM instead.

Then I rebooted and found myself at a text mode login prompt (but in runlevel 5). For some reason the system didn’t start X and KDM. Otherwise the system seemed healthy:

I logged in and started X (startx) and everything worked perfectly.

However, runlevel 5 is supposed to start X and isn’t and KDM never showed up. And why couldn’t I install GDM?

And why is GDM or KDM not part of the default install?

Any ideas/comments?

Note that this is 64 bit Linux on 64 bit Mac OS X. Windows 7 64 bit works fine on the same Virtual Box installation and I don’t think this has anything to do with Virtual Box.

Please search the forums for ‘gdm’. I’m more of a KDE4 user, but I’ve seen this solved.

I gave up and re-installed using KDE.

Next problem was having to disable all repositories except the DVD because Yast kept downloading software when I tried to install something. This is very annoying considering that the DVD is really a lot faster than DSL.

To get Virtual Box additions working I had to install gcc and make (which I think should be part of the default install!) as well as kernel sources and kernel symbol files (I think it was). (I think kernel sources should be part of the default install too.)

Now everything works but KDE is ugly. I’ll have to experiment a bit.

Plus there are no icons on the desktop. There was a windows with some icons in the upper left corner of the screen but I closed it and couldn’t figure out how to get it back.

Finally Linux doesn’t see the Virtual Box network shares. 11.1 saw them, 11.2 doesn’t. I don’t know if this is an issue with Virtual Box or with openSUSE.

I’ve tryed SUSE 11.2 on VB as well and have had a bunch of funy behaviour too

Since my SUSE 10.2 was doing just fine, I thought I’d give a try to VMware for SUSE 11.2

I did well as -after a couple of tweaking- now my SUSE 11.2 is runing fine

I’ve moved Virtual Disks from VB to VMw to keep just that one (and now thinking about getting the Workstation)


I actually moved from VMware (Fusion) to Virtual Box just this year.

VMware was a great disappointment. Few releases, high prices, new releases were often unavailable to those who pre-ordered for weeks, features vanished etc…

It was simply not acceptable any more and the only thing that kept me from switching was the prospect of having to reactivate Windows on a new platform.

I finally bought Parallels 4 (got a special offer) to run Vista on my MacBook and then switched to Virtual Box for my main computer.

Virtual Box sees frequent releases, is free and open source, costs nothing, has a much better user manual, much better support, and supports more hosts and guests than VMware (despite VMwares claims).

Plus it has an easy-to-understand command line interface which is very important for me since I often find myself in the command line.

OpenSUSE 11.2 was the first common OS that had problems with Virtual Box.

I tried creating another openSUSE VM, this time with no X, and it again “aborted” after the reboot.

Does anybody know why openSUSE 11.2 (but not 11.1) is allergic against Virtual Box?

Probably differences in the kernel.

I don’t know how much help this will be, but I’ve had success with Virtualbox 3.2 and openSUSE 11.3 M7 by installing with full screen mode. Otherwise, it just at 3% of automatic configuration.

VB 3.2 seems a bit…wonky. I also had errors trying to install Linux Mint on a virtual machine. I very nearly reinstalled my previous 3.1 version.

And since that’s the one (VB 3.2) I’ve made my first step with, no wonder why now I’m on VMware
But according to you, it’s not about Sun VB, but rather about the 3.2 itself ?
I’ll give it another try when next version will be available, then.

On my desktop, I’ve tryed to install 11.2, but no chance, then I’ve tryed any virtual (starting with a Win98 in a VPC) then I moved to VB to get a 11.2 runing, but failed, and then, switched to VMw (player, first, and now Workstation) and it worked first time w/o any problem.
I’ll wait for the next VB to try again

I’ve had quite the same.
Then I start the yast (I didn’t know about the “startx” cmd) and tryed to reinstall the grub and repo to update the 11.2 and stuff, but no chance.
Keep bumping at the prompt level 5
So I moved to VMw …

This might be obvious, but have you tried starting in runlevel 3, then switching to runlevel 5? Also, did you enable automatic logon?

GDM or KDM are installed by default. I’m curious to know what your /etc/sysconfig says for your current/default displaymanager. Perhaps you could try switching it to xdm.

There’s also the possibility of trying sudo zypper patch from the command line and hoping that helps to resolve your issues.

I hope that helps point you in the right direction.