openSuse 11.2 on a mac

can i install openSuse 11.2 on a macbook with process intel core2duo 64bit ??

Although the HCL (at the moment) reports details for earlier releases, there’s no reason your hardware shouldn’t be supported. You might want to detail the info concerning your graphics, ethernet, wireless, and audio chipsets if you want more discussion on this. Are you already running opensuse?

no actually i have mac os x 10.7
i’m trynig to install opensuse for the first time, and i dont know really how :frowning:
can you help me to find something that explain how that works plz.

thank you for relaying.

No problem. You could try with a LiveCD to start with. That will just give you an idea on how good it is. If you choose to install, you have a few choices to make

  1. Dual boot

OpenSUSE on a Mac - openSUSE

  1. openSUSE takes place of OS X (Not recommended as best option for you)

3 Run openSUSE within a virtual machine using Parallels Desktop.

How to install openSUSE 11 in OS X using Parallels – a complete walkthrough – Simple Help

Thanx a lot
i will start by downloading the liveCD

> can i install openSuse 11.2

do you realize that 11.2 is beta level software? currently in testing?

but, due for release soon…

do you want to participate in that testing?

if so, please have fun and post all comments/questions problems to the
correct forum

and please report all bugs you find…
see the list of known bugs and where/how to participate, here:

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Well, our friend seems to like unreleased operating systems:

Mac OS X - Wikipedia

Latest stable release 10.6.1 (2009-09-10; 22 days ago)

And certainly sooner than Mac OS X 10.7.

HA! i don’t know enough about Mac to have noticed that…

i’m gonna have to try one someday…most folks like them, and i’m
pretty sure they are easier than this.