Opensuse 11.2 OBS Head Kernel Source Question.

Hi Team,

   I want to thank carlos for all the support, thanks however I had somewhat of a simple questioned I tried out the latest revision to the Kernel of Day for Opensuse 11.2 built against the master. kernel-default-2.6.36-rc3.10.1.i586.rpm however looking at the tree it appears Novell/Suse doesn't release the source.rpm thinking I could recompile it to support the dependencies that I'm missing. See the message below- 

Kernel image: /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.36-rc3-10-default
Initrd image: /boot/initrd-2.6.36-rc3-10-default
Root device: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-MAXTOR_6L020J1_6612-part1 (/dev/sda1) (mounted on / as ext4)
Resume device: /dev/disk/by-id/ata-MAXTOR_6L020J1_661-part2 (/dev/sda2)
modprobe: Module via82cxxx not found.
WARNING: no dependencies for kernel module ‘via82cxxx’ found.
modprobe: Module ide_pci_generic not found.
WARNING: no dependencies for kernel module ‘ide_pci_generic’ found.
Kernel Modules: hwmon thermal_sys thermal scsi_mod libata pata_via sata_via ata_generic processor fan rtc-lib rtc-core rtc-cmos crc16 jbd2 ext4 sata_sil24 pata_acpi pata_sil680 pata_mpiix pata_legacy sata_qstor pata_opti sata_mv pata_cs5520 pata_ns87415 pata_cmd640 pata_atp867x pata_rdc pata_sch pata_ali pata_cs5536 pata_pdc202xx_old pata_cypress pata_atiixp pata_serverworks pata_amd pata_hpt366 libahci pata_sl82c105 pata_netcell pata_cmd64x pata_sc1200 pata_cs5530 pata_artop sata_vsc pata_it8213 pata_hpt3x2n pata_jmicron ahci pata_sis sata_sis pata_ninja32 pcmcia_core pcmcia pata_pcmcia sata_svw pata_hpt37x pata_hpt3x3 pata_triflex pata_cs5535 sata_inic162x pata_qdi pata_piccolo sata_uli pata_radisys pata_marvell sata_sil pata_pdc2027x pata_rz1000 sata_nv pata_optidma sata_sx4 pata_isapnp pdc_adma ata_piix pata_it821x pata_efar pata_oldpiix ahci_platform sata_promise pata_ns87410 sd_mod usbcore ohci-hcd ehci-hcd uhci-hcd hid usbhid
Features: block usb resume.userspace resume.kernel
Bootsplash: openSUSE (1024x768), openSUSE (800x600)
32484 blocks

Or would kernel-default-2.6.36-rc3.10.1.nosrc.rpm be considered the source?

suselizard32 I really can not recommend you go with kernel 2.6.36-rc3 or what ever number it is at now. For instance, it does not work with the latest nVidia video driver and other problems have been reported with 2.6.36. However, if you place the repository for this kernel/head version into your Software Repositories and then do a manual selection of this version (looking at the versions tab) for all loaded kernel files that match the new kernel, you should be able to install it. I would wait though until 2.6.36 has been out longer than it has been out so far and I would not load it unless it offered a fix of some sort over your present kernel version.

I did see your reply to my kernel compile script thread and it (my new script) can be used to properly in stall the latest stable kernel version as I recall, which is working just fine for me.

S.A.K.C - SuSE Automated Kernel Compiler

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