opensuse 11.2 Milestone-6 tryout

Install and everything went fine.

up to the point for network connection

dhcp4 is UNABLE to make a connection with my AP and ADSL modem

The second SHOWSTOPPER nvidia driver 190.25 will not install
can find Version.h

Fastboot in parrallel gives troubles with drivers who have a long time to initialize.

On a asus p5n-d mobo the smbus could not be initialized
pci also gives trouble
XFI audio on pcie wont work
lm-sensers cant find sensors

All in a nutshell most things dont work on a Desktop:(

Was this from the DVD or the liveCD? I had massive problems with the DVD version. I was at the point where I thought my DVD drive was faulty!

The DVD was really slow to get booting, and each installation failed at some point, sometimes it installed fine but problems showed up later.

This was AFTER I ran the media test, a ram test, hard drive test, and also booted from another liveCD successfully. The images were md5’d each time, and I reburnt the darn thing twice.

I finally downloaded the liveCD and installed from that, everything went well after that.

I then used the DVD I made earlier as a repo and loaded all the compile stuff and compiled the Nvidia driver without any problems.

I’m using it right now.

Very strange :sarcastic:

I suspect the dev’s are real keen to get feedback on XFi, as support for it is fairly new in openSUSE and in Linux. Please write a bug report on the audio not working, and be certain to raise it against 11.2 milestone-6 in component “sound” of the bug report. Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE


The OP lists a problem with pci. I have an old Dell that has problems with pci that began in 11.0. I’m anxious to see if it will be fixed in 11.2:)

The test opensuse 11.2 was with the dvd.

and i gave it a run on both my desktop and laptop
nearly the same problems on both:(

why is it that so many folks who want to try out pre-release software
can’t figure out that since 11.2 is not yet released it is, by
definition, pre-release and therefore should be discussed in

where the discussion could be found by those folk smart enough to
look for it in the correct forum…


On NVIDIA: you most likely have kernel-default AND kernel-desktop installed, with kernel-desktop configured to be the standard booting option in GRUB, while kernel sources have been configured for kernel-default. Try booting from kernel-default, it should be in your GRUB boot menu, and try installing the driver.

The default can be changed in the file /boot/grub/menu.lst ; Default 0 will boot the first option, Default 2 the third.