Opensuse 11.2 Mail Server


I am installed Opensuse 11.2 and maked all configurations and installations for Mail Server Yast. ( Postfix, Ldap )

In ldapadmin what class objects i need insert to configure e-mail client ?

I am choised for test suseMailAccess and in suseMailClient inserted my e-mail and what i insert in suseMailAction ?

Anyhere know howto install and configure this service ?

Thank you,

You don’t really need LDAP for a mail server. But you might need dovecot.

Can you first explain what sort of mail server you want to run? Home? Office? Consumer broadband? Dynamic IP address? Static IP address? Have you own domain?

Is for Office e-mail, static ip and with domain.

I need antivirus scan too, i installed amavisd-new to postfix suport it.

You don’t need LDAP, unless your authentication DB is in LDAP. If all your users have Linux accounts, you can use PAM for authentication. But this authentication is only needed for dovecot which provides POP and IMAP. Postfix does not need authentication, unless you are setting up authenticated SMTP for road warriors.

Yea authentication DB is in LDAP and i will need TLS, smtp authentication, …

I not founding any information about suseMailAction :frowning:

You can make postfix chain onto dovecot’s authentication. I’ve found that much easier than using the courier TLS plugins. Search for the “ISP mail on debian lenny” tute.

I don’t know anything about the SUSE LDAP schema though.