opensuse 11.2 lm_sensors failed

lm_sensors failed after configuration by sensors-detect.

server3:~ # rclm_sensors start
Starting up sensors: failed


Generated by sensors-detect on Thu Nov 12 20:13:39 2009

Path: Hardware/Sensors

Description: Defines the modules to used

Type: string

ServiceRestart: lm_sensors

Default: “”

This file is sourced by /etc/init.d/lm_sensors and defines the modules to

be loaded/unloaded.

The format of this file is a shell script that simply defines variables:

HWMON_MODULES for hardware monitoring driver modules, and optionally

BUS_MODULES for any required bus driver module (for example for I2C or SPI).


For compatibility reasons, modules are also listed individually as variables


You should use BUS_MODULES and HWMON_MODULES instead if possible.


After removed content this file lm_sensors started.


did you make any progress on this subject? I see the same issue.

See Bug 13967 – Revert “ACPICA: Remove obsolete acpi_os_validate_address interface” regression
Add acpi_enforce_resources=lax to your kernel boot options.