openSUSE 11.2 (KDE) freeze on Asus EEE 1000H

Been using opensuse 11.2 (KDE) on my Asus EEE 1000H since opensuse 11.2 first comes out.

Today, logged into KDE and upon starting KDE, the machine hang (keyboard, scratchpad, external mouse), all cannot be used.

Login with IceWM (which I do not know how to use) and the mouse/keyboard is working. Open up konsole and try to start knetworkmanager and straight away the mouse/keyboard hang/no response.

Any idea what is happening?

Managed to install fluxbox and wicd.

Realised that it is not kde that is causing the problem, the EEE hangs when it is in the middle of trying to connect to the wireless network (even in wicd).

So, anyone knows what packages should I reinstall,
e.g. wpa_supplicant

what about the wireless card driver?

any advise is appreciated!

Most likely something is messed in the ~/.kde4 configurations. easiest way to test this is to create a new user and log in as them. If this works the easiest way to correct the problem for the affected user is to rename the ~/.kde4 directory to ~/.kde4.old for that user. Note you will lose all your desktop settings. You can recover any data for KDE apps like kmail from the old directory. ~/kde4/app

I have the same problem with an eee 901. OpenSuSE worked wonderfully. When I installed updates today and rebooted, I get the same issues you describe: the system boots normally; it prompts me to give the password for the default key manager (or whatever that thing is called) in Gnome and for the wallet in KDE. When it tries to connect to my wireless router, the system freezes and doesn’t react to any input, I have to kepp the power button pushed to shut it off. I have both Gnome and KDE4 installed and get exactly the same issues in both so it’s definitely not something with a messed up config in a user directory, it must be a deeper problem. Really bad - I told everybody how perfect SuSE is for the eee, and now it is completely borked!


I can cofirm that I, too , have this problem.

Total system crash as soon as the connection is made.


Roll back the latest kernel-update. It seems to cause it. I see far too many posts about working wireless first, not working after recent updates.
Revert to kernel 2.6.31-5 packages.

Hi Knurpht

you are absolutely correct!

just found this thread and tried it.

It works!!


By the way, is there a way to blacklist the kernel update?

Great, solved and confirmed as well. That makes me able to help a couple of people around me tonight, that have the same trouble.

You can sort of blacklist the update:
Start Software installer.
Search for kernel- (with the dash)
Right-click each package with name “beginning kernel-”
Select “Protected-Do not change”.

This will protect your kernel- packages from being upgraded. Mind they also will not be upgraded by a kernel where all is fixed.

Yes, rolling back to an earlier kernel did the trick.

Thanks Knurpht

Going back to kernel 2.6.31-5 has solved the issue for me too. Has a bug report been opened for this? Knurpht, you mentioned that many users appear to have problems with wireless after the last kernel updates, do you know if the developers are aware of this?

I have the same hardware and noticed the latest kernel has broken the wifi drivers. I was able to downgrade to the precious kernel to get the wireless working again. Everything works great with kernel but when I install the kernel it renames my wireless interface to wlan0, under the previous kernel it was named ra0. The symtoms I had were the same as yours (System freezes do to auto connect option in network manager) once I disabled the network manager I was able to work with the eth0 interface with no problems. I then found a thread here at the opensuse forums that had similar complaints and found a suggestion to downgrade to the previous kernel, I tried that and it works for me.
BTW: To downgrade your kernel use yast>Software management>Search for “kernel” then select the kernel in the upper right side. Now click the “Version” tab and select the previous kernel. When finished in yast reboot your machine.
Good luck