openSUSE 11.2 KDE article

So, I saw this little article in on the openSUSE news site and I have to say that this is the first time in a couple years that I’ve ever thought about seriously going back to using KDE, although I don’t really want to do so until the last vestiges of KDE3 are shed. That’s always been my criticism of all the KDE4 distros, is that they dove head first into KDE4 when many of the supporting applications were just not ready, such as Amarok, K3B, and Konversation. This meant that you had to install parts of KDE 3.5 to have these things and it just made the overall feel of the KDE desktop very sloppy.

So, my question is, with 11.2, have the last vestiges of KDE 3.5 / QT 3 been shed, or are they still taking up space on my hard drive?

Now the second thing that I noticed was Firefox… that was just awesome. I mean really awesome. What the openSUSE devs have done here is make Firefox integrate better in KDE than it does in some most Gnome distros such as Ubuntu. It’s great!

Third thing I noticed was that the widget (QT) colour scheme here doesn’t really have a “SUSE” feel to it. I expected more green, brown, organic type of a feel to it than Oxygen which kind of has a more fluidy quasi-metallic, especially with blue highlights over gray. The wallpaper is nice, but again it feels more like “Oxygen turned green”. When I think of openSUSE, I think of green, natural tones, and an organic design. That’s what the logo portrays and much of the branding. The use of the “Oxygen / Air” theme, albeit a nice theme, feels somewhat out of place. I think in the lest the colour scheme or the Oxygen themed QT widgets could have been changed to better reflect the brand.

Other than that I have to say this is all very promising and it just might woo me back to using KDE.

There will still be some KDE3 applications that have not yet been ported to KDE4 such as KMyMoney but people who want a KDE3 desktop will have to download that from OBS.

I don’t have any KDE3 libs on my system and haven’t for quite some time now. Kaffeine is not at its best on KDE4 but it works, as does K3b.
The rest has been great for a while now - particularly KDE 4.3.2.
And since the update to 11.2 (I started with Milestone 8) I can even get bluetooth to work.

This transition from KDE3 -> KDE4 seems to be a lot more messy for the distributions than the KDE2 -> KDE3 transition almost 10 years ago. For those that don’t remember, the associated projects and the distros got it working pretty much in two releases at most and there really wasn’t too much of a chaotic period. KDE 3.0 was a little rough, but most of that was fixed in 3.1 and 3.2was perfectly rock-solid.

What will be fun to see is 11.3 or 12.0 which should include Gnome 2.30 / 3.0 (they are the same). There are some pretty radical changes planed for that release that they have been working on for a couple of years. It will be interesting to see what happens with the next generation Gnome comes out so that we can compare it with the current KDE.

Plus, we’ll see if similar issues crop up in the new Gnome…