Opensuse 11.2 - Java - Opera

Installed 11.2-64 on clean machine.
In Firefox tested the java installation in
Verify Java Version
Could not find Java
Uninstalled the IcedTea version and installed
and the page found the correct java version.

Installed Opera and tested but the page can not find java
I have to enable Java in Opera, but can not find correct path
Anyone who can help

Are you using Opera from the repo? I don’t. I manually install it, it works better.
But having said that my _64 machine whilst it detects Java OK, it thinks it’s the wrong version.

I’m just going to cross check what the repos are providing at 32 and 64 bit

Yep, they are the same in both 32 and 64
But Opera on my _64 does detect the java, just it thinks is an outdated version

The same happens to me. The problem is this OpenJava that must be uninstalled and then install Sun Java.
Firebox use a plugin for java and when Sun Java Plugin is installed, then the right plugin is added.

But Opera access Java directly and you need to point Opera to the right path. If you go into Tools → Preferences… → Advanced → Content → Java Options
Now check the path to Java. In my computer it shows; “/usr/lib/jvm/jre-sun/lib/i586”
I had to change this to: “/usr/lib64/jvm/jre-sun/lib/amd64”.

Now Java works great in Opera :slight_smile:

Sun Java should be installed by default. Your issue is related to Opera and not OpenSUSE, but your issues with Firefox is OpenSUSE that choose to install OpenJava as default.

Still do not work for me. But posted thread at Opera forum.
Firefox works fine now.