opensuse 11.2 installing vmware player

If you have an occasional need to run a windoz program but you don’t like to make your system dual boot then a virtual machine is an nice option. In my case i program PLC’s (a controller to automate machines/ processes) and can’t get that working under wine.
I just changed my distro to opensuse11.2 and needed to get my existing virtual machine (vmx) running I was using vmware player before because its freeware and with some tricks i was able to bypass the limitation of only a 640x480 screen.
But after the distro change vmware player2.52 was not liking to install anymore :frowning: missing gcc was problem 1 and latervmware was not liking that the kernel was version and the kernel header 2.6.31-3.4
I was puzzled how to get this fixed: see my previous post of “can’t find linux kernel headers” in the reposutories.
solution looks simple :upgrade vmware player to 3.0!!
to get it installed:
start the yast package manager, under rpm groups select languages c, c++ then package gcc
download the newest vmware player from the vmware site
select the file in dolphin and left click, properties,permissions
checkbox “is executable” must be on
start a terminal in dolphin:
sudo sh VMware-Player-3.0.0-203739.i386.bundle
when you run vmware player the first time it has to modify the linux kernel ,this wend wrong with the pre 3.0 versions
Now vmware player starts its integration in the kernel, that’s it
new in 3.0 :slight_smile: no need to go to anymore because you can finally make this 4kb txt file by player self
they also have put vmware tools with player (before only with workstation/vmware server) so that makes the dowload from 50 (v2.52)to 80mb…(v3.0) but it’s worth
Important: if you like to use an old rs232 port (non usb) with player, in opensuse11.2 this is /dev/ttyS0 (thanks to Chrysantine) and not serial0 (distro difference)

I’m happy my new opensuse 11.2 is working well :slight_smile: same kde as in debian but until now more smooth and more stable
pff same desktop same linux,but soooooo differend , at least something new to learn again :slight_smile:

Greetings from Saigon,Vietnam

i am sorry, but would you please simplify your post?

Maybe this sound stupid, but VirtualBox runs fine in OpenSuse 11.2. The drawback is you have to create a new installation of Windows because of the incompatibility between VirtualBox and VMWare disk formats.

Runs fine except for usb support :wink:

Hey I am running intot the same problem you faced and I found this thread but I was wondering if you could give more exact details on this I quoted you on.

In my openSUSE 11.2 I dont have a Yast package manager. I have Software Manager or Package Search.

Your assistance would be greatly apprciated.