OpenSuse 11.2 Install using VNC mode

Hi all,

I try to install OpenSuse 11.2 using the VNC remote access method.

I have precised at boot vnc=1, but instead of the classical graphic install, I have the same install screens in text mode from the main console.
OpenSuse screen never tells me (IP fixed or not) that I can now access using remote vnc, as it was the case in previous releases.

Someone tryed remote VNC install mode?
What parameters you entered preciselly at boot time?
When (after which screen steps) did the system told you, you can remotely access for install.?


:frowning: so…nobody tryed remote VNC install method?

Same, how ever i didn’t check to see if the firewall was open! unlike 10.3 :frowning:

I am seeing this issue as well. The weird part is if I go through the textmode install, it installs packages and reboots. Then the second stage of the install launches with vnc mode.

I logged a bug for this, Bug #573745.

As an alternative to the VNC install, you might want to try a remote SSH install. See details here on how to do this:

Network Install - openSUSE

This ugly bug is documented (not solved) in bugzilla from Novell
You should have to remaster the DVD or Net install CD to make this work again.

By seeing this problem I got sshd up (rcsshd start), assigned a root password (passwd root) and copied the Xvnc binary from an Open SuSE 11.2 already installed system (scp -Cp /usr/bin/Xvnc root@ip_you_are_installing_to:/usr/bin/)
done this i invoked yast (/sbin/yast) and Voilá i recieved the message from VNC at ip_you_are_installing_to display :1
In my case:

inst-sys:~ # ls /usr/bin/X*
Xorg Xvnc
inst-sys:~ # /sbin/yast
unicode_start skipped on /dev/pts/0
Probing connected terminal…

Initializing virtual console…

Found an xterm terminal on /dev/pts/0 (97 columns x 26 lines).
Please supply a config file

starting VNC server…
A log file will be written to: /var/log/YaST2/vncserver.log …

*** You can connect to, display :1 now with vncviewer
*** Or use a Java capable browser on

(When YaST2 is finished, close your VNC viewer and return to this window.)

*** Starting YaST2 ***

Hope this helps !