OpenSUSE 11.2 Firefox not allowing save images, pages, etc!

Something’s wrong with the firefox (came installed with opensuse 11.2). When I go either to the filemenu or right-click, save file, save image, etc do nothing! No window ever pops up.

However, if I press ctrl-o or ctrl-s, the dialog opens up! (Although, this is not possible for saving an image on a page)

Closing and restarting firefox does NOT fix this.

Make a bookmarks backup in .json format

Now rename .mozilla to .mozilla-old

restart FF and import the .json bookmarks

How does FF behave now

It’s working now! What happened? What does this mean?

You mean it’s working because you did as I said

or it’s just working again not having done anything?

It’s working because I did what you said to do. :slight_smile:

ARGH!! Now it’s doing it again!!!

I never had this issue with the “official” release of firefox.

This is a known bug. I assume you’re using KDE.

Yes, I’m using KDE. Weird, so is this a firefox thing, or an openSUSE firefox thing? I never had this occur on 11.1, is it only on 11.2?

It has to do with openSUSE’s firefox/kde integration.

Ah, so uninstalling it and installing the firefox from will fix it?

Try it and let use know :stuck_out_tongue:

removing mozilla-xulrunner191-kde4 might do the trick. But yes if you remove firefox and use the official one from Mozilla it should work.