OpenSuSe 11.2 didnt install video drivers


Just insalled OpenSuSe 11.2 on my T60 2007-AY6
It has ATi Radon x1300 graphics.

When I run cat xorg.conf.install it shows vesa device & display.

How can I configure my ATi Radeon x1300 graphics?

Currently due to this problem all windows minimizes very slow. :’(


ATI - openSUSE

Thanks caf for quick hint.

Radeon - openSUSE >> This helped me. I tried to download driver pack from ATi un necessary. I should have read tutorial in above link. After installing that pack suse started crashing. I had to reinstall it but worth option. I tried to run repair wizard but didnt help.

I just ran Sax2 , it then created xorg.conf , I edited radeonhd to radeon and saved it. And it worked!!! lol!


Excellent news!:wink:
Thanks for taking the time for letting us know and adding your detail.