opensuse 11.2 ati compatibility?

i dual boot xp and kubuntu 9.04 but i dont like kubuntu because it doesnt support my graphics card. i have an ati x1800 gto. does anyone know if my graphics card will be compatible with 11.2? i want to get away from virus ridden xp and have a linux distro as my main os. thanks

That is actually ATI Driver - Kernel - XServer1.6 problem
If openSUSE 11.2 will have 2.6.32+ kernel, it will work (probably).
My suggestion is to go to openSUSE 11.0. It is old, but your ATI will work. At the moment, no new distribution has ATI fglrx support that I know of (don’t know who’s fault exactly is this).

Of course, open source driver works, but kiss 3D goodbye.

so do all nvdia cards work ok then? if i swap my graphics card for a nvidia card everything should work ok? if thats the case ill wait till november and see if my ati card works on the new 11.2. if it doesnt then ill just got and get a nvidia card.

Actually, wisest thing would be to wait. Pacience.
Why (as I heard):

  • ATI will make fglrx work with 2.6.31 and xserver 1.6 (wait for openSUSE 11.2 full).
  • ATI will open (some) portion of driver code
  • NVidia WILL NOT open any portion of driver

So, seems to me that ATI users will finally get a bit benefit out of all this in a near future.

Yes, it pisses me off too, that I cant use 3D fglrx…

And even then the card will not be supported.

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