opensuse 11.2 as home file server for win xp/mac osx 10.5.8/10.6.2/10.4.11

Hi there,
I’m about to set up file server for client, both win and osx and later on web server as well.
first think is that i have an old box packardbell with 2.4 gh amd processor 1 gb of ram it’s an oldie one 2000 i guess :slight_smile:
i think that there shouldn’t be problem to install it as i was running opensuse on it before and accept sound card everything was running normally.
I’m newbie in linux world but as much as i can understand is that i will need samba to make it work with win based os but what about mac’s os x ??? is samba for it ???
and how to set it up ???
please if you have any idea if this scenario will work with suse 11.2 help me out

thank’s :)))))))

The hardware shouldn’t be a problem as long as you don’t install all the graphical whistles and bells. Usually a server doesn’t have X installed at all. (A nice in between is to let it boot and run in init runlevel 3, so without a gui and launch runlevel 5 only when necessary).

Macs can speak SMB as well, actually although it is commonly known as a Microsoft thing, it is not, it is a file sharing method between various systems, see Server Message Block - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, and Microsoft just adopted it as their standard and adding a bunch of extra features to it.

joostvanrooij thank’s for replay so samba is ok other thing is that i will need gui for setting up that box as i’m not good at terminal :frowning: well it’s time to learn but i have not much time as this server serve here guy’s working as photographers and web developers so i’m looking for quick solution as my old server (based on winshit os) crashed and motherboard is gone and i never want to go back to that staf anymore. I just hope that samba can be configured in kde or gnome gui (i know if yes it will be pretty much very simple configuration but for purpose of get server up and running for ma8’s it will by ok with me and later i’ll customized it for shure.

so is ok to do instal either with gnome or kde (hmm that old box will be bit slow but when loged out is shouldn’t be problem for performing file server task’s i hope.

thank’s lot for people who share they knowledge.
and excuse my english as i’m not native speaker

Samba administration can be done from YaST, which is available from KDE and Gnome.

YaST is also available on the commandline and allows for a somewhat graphical ui there as well. So even if your not that experienced on the command line, you still don’t need a GUI.

And like I mentioned before running this command as root

init 3

will stop X wich will free up resources for the server daemons, if you would like to enable it again to do some admin work, run

init 5

If you have a Linux workstation, you can even run YaST over SSH from there to administer the service box without running a gui on the server at all. (Works on Windows as well, but takes some more fiddling around.)

The choice is your, as always :slight_smile:

Nevertheless learning the basics from working in a shell does pay off and allows for very efficient system administration in most cases.

You can also use NFS for Mac filesharing since OS/X is BSD based and therfore *nix.

Something else you might consider is setting up the server in console, use text yast for install and initial config, then install a remote config app like Webmin for GUI access from another computer in the network. Webmin is a very good server admin tool.

Big Bear

Well i can’t believe what just happened while formating one of my hdd to ext3 that drive just die on me is this normal or is just because i earn bad karma in previous life.

so one is gone find one 40gb ide hdd so installing at this moment hope for best as i have no other drive for use :frowning:

Btw i know that i have to learn terminal commands as i had to when doing my ccna :slight_smile:

forget to mention two 500gb sata drives are ntfs formated drives as previous os was win hope this wouldn’t be problem for either linux and other clients and hope that permissions made by win would not effect samba

Since you’re formatting the drives, it won’t matter what filesystem is on them.


Since you’re formatting the drives, it won’t matter what filesystem is on them.

i’ll be reformatting drives but no one knows when as i have no space to back up this drives (i’m student and spend my last funny papers for new bass guitar ) so i’m really afraid that this set up will be very hard to make it work if not impossible, but i don’t want to give up anyway, it’s opportunity to learn some new stuff even if it will not work for me :slight_smile: