OpenSuSE 11.2 and PHP


I really like openSUSE 11.2 and don’t want to downgrade to a previous version but I have run into a snag in my setup that needs a “smart” fix.

I have several PHP applications, some quite sophisticated and they are all made to work with PHP up to version 5.2.x however 11.2 of openSUSE ships with PHP 5.3.

Unfortunately, PHP 5.3 has significant changes to all previous versions and “breaks” my applications which will not be made for 5.3 for some time yet to come.

Is there way to install PHP 5.2.x and the numerous plug-ins for it that I use, onto openSUSE 11.2… without causing a bunch of other problems.

This to me would be much easier than hacking through all the apps. and making the many changes to work with PHP 5.3.

Your best advice much appreciated.

This user has build some;

Else have a look here;

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That person’s repository certainly is what I was looking for - thanks.

But, how did you find it? or should I say what search did you use to find it?

Also, perhaps you could answer another question which is on the URL I find that I can search for say php5 but I cannot search for php5-5.2 because it doesn’t work when you use a dash. Do you know the secret to this?

Thanks heaps already!

For anyone else it seems the area has builds from anyone who sets up a project, nice.