OpenSuse 11.2 and OpenSwan

Hi Comm.,

i posted this also in the aplication Forum but i dident get an answer there. So eventually somebody here knows a litte bit more.

can anybody tell me why there is still no OpenSwan Packkage under 11.2 avaiable? Under 11.1 all was fine but now there is only strongswan and no more openswan. Also the fact i was not able to find any information about this issue it is confusing. I hope anybody can give me a real answer about this.

With Kind Regards Andreas Rehmer

Apparently no one has volunteered to maintain the package or then compiling vs 11.2 fails for some reason

It would be pretty trivial to grab the SRPM from 11.1 and recompile it vs 11.2, unfortunately I don’t have time to do it myself.

Okay maybe there is no maintainer for the package, why it is so difficult to find any information about this? Eg. an list off packages that are not maintained or something like this would be realy helpfull. Otherwise an comment in the Releasenotes from the Dist like “Sorry no maintainer for OpenSwan Package so no OpenSwan Package” will also help people. Is there the possibility that in the future someone take care for the OpenSwan Package and then it is avaible?

I’m sure someone will pick it up or they’ll fix the compilation - if this is “mission critical” for you, I can always package it for you. However, I won’t be able to maintain it as I don’t know much about the product itself.

Thanks for your replay. I build the Paykage from the Source so there is no need for you to package it for me. But thanks for the offer. I hope someone will pick it in the future. So long have a good time.

I just added 11.2 to my openswan 2.6.23 package and patched some build errors:
Package openswan (Project home:kroimon)

The openSUSE 11.2 repository is available here:
Index of /repositories/home:/kroimon/openSUSE_11.2