OpenSuse 11.2 Alsa vs Pulse


I been using OpenSuse 11.0 since release as my primary OS but with 11.2 incoming and soon after the support stop for 11.0 I guess I have to make the step to 11.2 and KDE 4.

So I have been playing with the new live CD and got the desktop looking like KDE 3 so that is a welcome bonus but I have a sound question which has always puzzled me.

I use Wine a lot and it really needs Alsa and not PulseAudio to work right, now OpenSuse 11.0 came with Alsa default and that was fine with me, now on the release of 11.2 rc2 I see PulseAudio 0.9.19 as one of the highlights, does this mean 11.2 no longer comes with Alsa (default) or do I have to select it during install ? I would rather not even try PulseAudio and just go Alsa right from the fresh install ?

I understood from Oldcpu that there is a Alsa driver and an Alsa api. What to do ? (if anything) Is there for example an easy check to see which exactly is installed ?

thank you in advance,


To learn more detail about your PCs audio configuration, then with your PC connected to the internet type:
that should give you lots of such information.

If you are curious as to what alsa and what pulse rpms are installed, simply type:
rpm -qa ‘alsa
rpm -qa ‘pulse

11.2 is not yet released, hence this thread belongs more under Pre-Release/Beta Pre-Release/Beta - openSUSE Forums than it does under multimedia.

As for wine and audio in 11.2, you need to have someone who has played with that aspect of 11.2 to speak up (which you may find hard to get given this is posted in the wrong subforum area).

I don’t know if will be set by default in 11.2, but you can set ALSA to output through pulseaudio. So you can still use your old alsa applications and benefit from pulse features.

To do that you can edit either user or system-wide alsa config.

It is explained here in the details:
PerfectSetup – PulseAudio