openSUSE 11.2 32 bit: Cannot install ATI fglrx driver 9.3

I did a fresh install of openSUSE 11.2 32 bit today and installed all updates. I also installed the kernel sources and kernel symbols. Finally I installed the ATI drivers from http:/// The drivers didn’t work after that, so I tried to run the 32 bit driver installer suitable for my gfx card (Radeon X800 XT PE -> v9.3), where I got the following error message:

ATI Technologies Linux Driver Installer/Packager

which: no XFree86 in (/usr/lib/mpi/gcc/openmpi/bin:/home/schaeff/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/usr/sbin:/bin:/usr/bin/X11:/usr/X11R6/bin:/usr/games:/usr/lib/mit/bin:/usr/lib/mit/sbin)

Error: ./ does not support version
default:v2:i686:lib::none:; make sure that the version is being
correctly set by --iscurrentdistro

I had no such problems with openSUSE 11.1 32 bit. Is there a way to install the drivers on my system? If yes, how would I do it?

I have been searching the inet for hours for a solution and haven’t found one.

The the best of my knowledge, the Catalyst 9.3 drivers do not work on newer kernels.

For example, from what I recall the 2.6.31 kernel (in openSUSE-11.2) does not work well with the Catalyst-9.3, hence one is looking at using an older openSUSE release if one wishes to use the Catalyst-9.3. Fortunately, SIGNIFICANT advances have been made in the Open Source “radeon” driver, and openSUSE-11.3 (due in mid-July-2010) promises to have a superb implementation of the open source radeon driver.

Thank you for the information. It helped me figure why my 11.1 installation probably went out of order yesterday - I reckon it was due to a kernel update. It is a real problem that Linux can’t replace non-functional modules like the fglrx driver with some fallback module to ensure at least basic continued operation of the OS. Too bad there are no decent NVidia AGP cards around anymore, since my Linux machine still is using an AGP motherboard.

Anybody wants to swap a Geforce 7950 GT AGP for a GTO PCIe?

Thanks for the info. I upgraded from 11.0 to 11.2 and had the same problem. I’ll go for 11.3 instead.