openSUSE 11.1: YaST2 Software Mnmgt not working after Update

“Solution 1: deinstallation of icewm-default-1.3.8-1.2.x86_64” would be fine as well.
On a default 13.1 installation, icewm-lite is installed, not icewm-default.

But it doesn’t matter really, especially if you’re not going to use IceWM anyway. :wink:

I did a fresh install as well same thing happened to me. I fixed my system by booting into the installation media and selecting upgrade. I opted to delete packages when the upgrade gave me a warning.

Selecting upgrade does not do a new install. if simply brings the default package back to the original versions keeping all the potentially incorrect/broken config files. A fresh install will reformat the root partition replacing everything in root