openSUSE 11.1: X Server not Stopping on init 3

I’m running openSUSE 11.1. When I’m in Gnome or KDE or any Desktop session, the X server keeps running when I do an init 3, (i.e.) I’m still in the GUI instead of going to the console. When I type runlevel it shows that I’m in runlevel 3, but the X server is still running. The X server is not getting killed on an init 3. Any ideas?


Where do you do the ‘init 3’, in a terminal window?

In a desktop environment, hit Ctrl-Alt-F1, login at the prompt, then do:

su -c 'init 3'
(enter rootpassword)

BTW, this is quite a rude way, since you knock the desktop of it’s feet. Better logout first, before going into runlevel 3.

When you, as system manager, decides that it is usefull to do some system maintanance and for that purpose to go to runlevel 3, you first tell you users (that is including you as a normal user) to log out. When you want to do this very formal, you first create the file /etc/nologin with an appropriate message (see man 5 nologin).

Then when you are assured that nobody is loged in anymore, you go to the console, log in, become root and fire the* init 3*.

Now you may decide that for several reasons this process may be shortened or some steps left out, but it seems a bit masochistic, to do* init 3* from a working GUI login in the hope that a lot of prcocesses are killed indiscrimminately. Except when you want to test if the desktop environment you choose to use can handle such sort of power outage emulation.