openSuse 11.1, WXGA Resolution, Nvidia

Hi All,

I have installed openSuse 11.1 on my new Dell D820 with NVS 110m and I can either set the highest resolution (1080p) or 1024x768. I cannot set to 1280x800 which I like.

I have installed Nvidia driver using one-click and during login I see Nvidia logo indicating that its properly installed.

I have already tried sax2 -r and sax2 -r -m 0=nvidia, but after that my resolution is reset to highest (1080p). In sax2, if I set my resolution to WXGA and click on Test, it displays 1024x768. I tried trying different settings and found out that all non-wide screen ones are working and all widescreen ones fallback to 1024x768.

Then I tried running nvidia-settings utility and I noticed that only non-widescreen resolutions are mentioned under there and widescreen resolutions are not even there.

Finally, I tried editing xorg.conf file but even through I changed the preferred resolution in there, there is no effect (of course I restarted xdm after that).

Please help. I know this is a common question but I have tried all instructions on all forums I could find. I would go blind if I have to continue using such high resolution on a 15" screen.

Best Regards

Maybe this will help
In a console type su then root pass then nvidia-settings
Set you resolution and choose save to xconf


Already tried that but it didn’t do any good. How can I add more resolutions to nvidia-settings tool? I believe if I can do that, the resolution will change from there.