OpenSUSE 11.1 RC1

If I download and install this. Will I be able to upgrade to the final version when it comes out without a re-install?


Yes. But it’s a little tricky at times. OK- some will say it’s a doddle. Yes. But it depends on your experience.
Even with sufficient of that, I personally never bother - Though I do lots of Development testing in VM’s. And I am running Beta kde4.2 on my everyday machines.

I’m currently running Ubuntu and I’m going to do a clean install of openSUSE 11.1 RC1, I can’t see it being a problem upgrading to the final release when it comes. I’m just asking if this should be OK.

What’s the rush? Isn’t the final version scheduled to come out like in a week or two anyway?

18th Dec for most, 19th for those of us a day ahead of europe, waaaaaaaaaaaaa.