opensuse 11.1 rc1 ( factory after 24 nov) and intel gma

well , i was using opensuse 11.1 beta5

i have a intel gma card using exa accell

i just performed a yast2 factory update ( update all new packages )

after rebooting with the new kernel , i noticed right away a much better kde4 performance

i then tried a glxgears , and glxgears went from 55 fps to 880 fps !!!

i didnt change no config file, only rebooted after the update !

anyone know why did this happen ?

how do i revert this performance update ? anyone know a fix for this ? :slight_smile:

Yeah, there’s a subroutine in glxgears that gets called with wrong arguments, so instead of dividing by 10, it multiplies by 10. Don’t get all excited, your actual figure is 8.8 FPS.
It’ll get fixed in the next update, when the support for resolutions over 640x480 is dropped.:stuck_out_tongue:

it actually cannot be that case.

reason why :

if it was 8 fps , the animation is so smooth , no way that is only 8 frames per second.

even stronger , if i enable “Legacy3D” to false, it gives me 200 fps. by your math , it should be really 2 fps! and its silk smooth animation.

actually kde4 effects do feel nicer ( things like grid view transition with alot of windows )

opensuse 11.0 did give me more than 1000 fps using XAA ( i am using EXA now )

maybe some exa fix in x11 or kernel agp module?

care to give me an 3d app to try it out ?

thanks for the reply

Err… that was meant as a joke.:wink:

i have been trying to find out of 11.1 will include the new 2.5.1 Intel driver without success… :frowning:

hehe **** !!!

nice one , fooled me nicelly :slight_smile: should have read it more carefully, expecially about dropping res support over 640x480 :slight_smile:

in here it seems to be 2.5.0

excellent news, thank you.