[openSUSE 11.1 RC-1? GNOME] few thoughts

Hi all

yesterday I’m download oS 11.1 latest from dev’s iso

I install it and update…

1.from installation start it could not have(not sure) my resolution it
1680x1050. I think it common used. in any case when installation starts
resolution not detected correctly and used 1400xSome

  1. Every time I try install suse… it suggest to cleanup my /home
    directory… This is very-very bad… Of cause i change it to my
    previous /(root)
    we have survey and all people who vote talk that when they upgrade they
    install as new system… I read some notes from this forum that many
    people have /home in different partition
    so why it could not be done to make this by default…

  2. Some time ago it was possible to configure internet network add
    community repos and make installation. So it not be needed to install
    some old packages. And it let user run all vidoes, mp3, adobe reader,
    adobe flash and s.o. right after installation.

all install fine as usual :slight_smile:

  1. somebody told about this. Yast-gtk has no search item now… this is
    strange as for me… ok this could be used with zypper…

  2. My sound card did not work out-of-a-box for some reason…

  3. VirtualBox-OSE :slight_smile:
    is it possible to add users in vboxusers group at package
    strange but oS 11.1 have virtualbox 2.04 when 2.06 available?

7.in community repositories list have no nvidia and ati repositories

that’s all for now

Linux openSUSE 11 i386
#2 nforce2|Athlon|Radeon9200|RAM1GB
#3 laptop ASUS x51r|Xpress1100|512MB

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