Opensuse 11.1 (PPC) Install

I installed 11.1 on my ppc G5 model today. Installation went smoothly … from the dvd … which I had downloaded and copied off the download page. Rebooting went well … and I had a working linux. BUT … and to my mind it’s a biggy! … there are no programs to do real work with!! There is an email client and a web browser … and tools to upload other programs … etc.

However, there is nothing that resembles even a simple word processor such as abiword. Openoffice is only in parts, as is koffice … and I am left with no tools to write. read letters, etc. Going to the popular repositories reveals nothing much for the ppc computer … and googling for ‘openoffice & ppc’ gives references to version 1_point something from five or more years ago.

Seriously, if Opensuse was serious about support for he ppc then its dvd would come complete with basic office tools and have access to a repositories with a breadth of programs compiled to run on the ppc. At present, I cannot recommend Opensuse to other ppc users. I will have to remain with Debian … despite the fact that it is ‘behind the times’ …

What do you think??



I am downloading openSUSE 11.1 right now for my iMac G5…my first Linux based OS! Pretty excited.

Can’t you just download applications like OpenOffice, Blender, or other programs that are X11 based (or pre-compiled for the ppc) and run them in openSUSE?

Just wondering…:expressionless:


Wow…I just downloaded openSUSE (per my post above) and my ignorance is blaring! Getting software installed in Linux is a real challenge. Hours of work for a newbie…

Can’t say its not a fun adventure…but it seems that one problem leads to another…does it ever get better? I guess each of us must become some level of “expert” in order to achieve basic use of a computer’s abilities with Linux.

I love the OpenSource ethos…

Anyways, the PowerPC is clearly a second thought in the Linux world…back to trying to “configure” “make” and “install” a word processor of some kind.


You have to change the repository update URL in YaST as directed by this “Most Annoying Bugs” page:

Bugs:Most Annoying Bugs - openSUSE