OpenSUSE 11.1 opens to command line, I want GUI.

Intel Corp. Pentium III (Coppermine)
*processor : 0
*stepping : 6
*cpu MHz : 996.908
*cache size : 256 KB
*bogomips : 1993.81
*clflush size : 32
processor : 1
*stepping : 6
*cpu MHz : 996.908
*cache size : 256 KB
*bogomips : 1993.79
*clflush size : 32
OpenSUSE 11.0; Ffx 3.5

First, I installed from live DVD OpenSuse 11.0. When I rebooted, I got a black screen witth a terminal boss in the upper left. So I installed 11.1 from live DVD and the same thing happened. I tried 11.1 again with different partitioning and all went well. So a couple of days later (not content to leave well enough alone), I went to the OpenSuse Wiki and installed a Legacy driver. When I rebooted, I get a login prompt. After I put in my username and password, I get a terminal prompt. What do I put in their to get a regular GUI?
My graphics card is nVidia NV5 [RIVA TNT/TNT2]

Any help given me would be much appreciated. Thank you.

Hi there,

Easy approach: From the command line run sax2 which will attempt to start it’s own Xserver using detected settings. If it works you will then be able to create a new xorg.conf file. After that try starting the GUI with startx

If you get any errors, post the complete error, your full /etc/X11/xorg.conf and the specific driver you are using.

Also, if the previous driver was working, you might try reinstalling it. In Suse you can actually use Yast from the command line. It uses a curses based (text) interface, but you an certainly search for, install, remove packages, etc. just as you do in the X Windows GUI. That might help you find and reinstall the old driver.


Err… hello?

How to restore normal GUI? - openSUSE Forums

Now I know. They are twins.:wink:
@ Confuseling nice job.

Sorry about the double post. After the first one, when I went back to see if there was a response, I couldn’t find it:shame:. Not realizing PBKC, I thought the live CD I’d used had a faulty connection or something:shame:.

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No worries - it’s sometimes hard to tell if someone’s made a genuine mistake, or is just being impatient, hence my slightly terse response…

For future reference, you can find all the posts you’ve written using ‘search by username’ in ‘advanced search’.

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