openSUSE 11.1 on Samsung R560

Hi together!

Soon, I’ve to buy a new notebook, and one of my favorites is the Samsung R560 series.

Has anybody made some experience with openSUSE 11.1 on that device?
Does LAN/WLAN/Graphic card work out of the box? Do the hotkeys/FN keys work and so on…?
I’ve read about difficulties when trying to install the 64bit version, can anybody tell me something about that?

Thanks in advance

Daniel, how are you?

Did you buyed the samsung R560??
I buy a Samsung R610 three months ago, and today I install OpenSuse 11.1 and, for now, all works perfectly. I have to try a few things like bluetooth and the camera. Now I’m trying to make to work the Fn key.
If you just buyed the R560, did you install it OpenSuse?? how it works for you?? Any of the hardware don’t work??



Hey ElBotija!

Yes, I’m writing this reply on my Samsung R560 ;).
But I’ve to tell you that I did not install openSUSE yet…
As it is my production machine, I decided to give the preinstalled Vista a try. I really don’t want to say that, but it works for me :. So I don’t know if I’m going to install Linux in the near future.
But your first impressions sound good!


Replace Vista by openSUSE and you’ll see what your little machine is realy capable of. Mine was a lazy bugger with Vista, there’s simply no comparing Vista vs. openSUSE on this one.