openSUSE 11.1 on an eMac

is it possible? While I know that the Mac OS is Unix-based and Linux is Unix-based, I could understand it not working. The eMac that I have has got some strange issues that I’ve to determine whether they are hardware or software -based issues, but, as Linux=Jesus (as far as I’m concerned) I’d like to know if anyone has attempted to try this (just a Mac in general, but with an eMac as well) and how un/successful that he has/hasn’t been with it. Thanks in advance.

Depending on which version of MacOSX you have on your eMac, you can use Boot Camp to dual boot OS X and any other os. Or install openSUSE within a virtual machine like VirtualBox.

As far as wiping off OS X and and reformattng the drive, good luck! I’ve heard you have to do some hacking to get any other os to boot because of Apple’s use of EFI instead of a BIOS.

well, poopy. I’ve reinstalled Panther about 12 effing times on this thing and it’s still acting stupid. While I’m sure that it’s a hardware issue, I have blind-idiot faith in Linux being able to run on the worst hardware set ever. I’m still gonna’ try to see what I can do, but thanks for the response, and, if I am able to wipe/replace OSX, I’ll post my findings here.