opensuse 11.1 not startup help me

When he opens the device as shown in the photos for you, and then remain standing on the device and is No. 5 and it takes off, but worked his arrest.

And grateful to you

Hello alshahi, and welcome to the forums.

Is this a new installation?

I am asking because 11.1 is quite out of date and no longer supported. The current release is 11.4.

Did you run the media check before installation?

When you do a search of the forums posts with the keyword “respawning” you will hit a few posts of other users who had the same problem in the past. Maybe one of these threads may help you.

Hello my friend I vodoo to me the first post the site where the problem has become since 3 days I can not access to the open usus so far, but in the way you setup the system so that I do it the first of the new Rstort without deleting anything DSC system Herd with me because there is no C DVD of this program and I fear the business information from loss if the way Enter guardian Amoar boot possible explain them to me as I had a problem repaired myself by Altermnl Old then what can enter anything when it opens the device also shows you the picture off directly to the page the third did not I no order book entries and then off to the page as the picture shows you the fourth and fifth I can not do anything mean my father shows me the sign writing, such as trampling or Altermnl and then solve the problem how the Old Aref so far, Old Abe, O members of the site experience

May I ask why you post this in English the Dutch language section of these Forums? The Dutch language section is better not to be spoiled by postings in other languages. It would nullify the goal of the different language sections.

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I am not sure what is wrong here, but the “respawns” are not the cause, but the result of the problem. When a process started by init dies, init restarts it. But when there is something utterly wrong, that process will die again. To avoid a fast loop of starting - dying, init stops the restarts.

I guess that “attemp to access beyond end of device” points to a serious disk problem.