openSuSE 11.1 network problem


I have installed Suse 11.1. My network card is Attansic L2. Module atl2 is installed by default.

I configured NIC and internet worked perfect.

After that, I installed Flash for FireFox and MySQL 6.

After that, I couldn’t connect to the internet. When I ping a suse box from other box in LAN, some pings are failing.

When I ping, from suse, Google I get diffrent IP, than IP that I get when I ping from windows box.

please check your networkcard configuration with yast2.

did you get an IP?

check e.g. with ifconfig as root in bash.

Could you display the output of ifconfig command.

#ifconfig -a.

Do you have DHCP server setup?

Is the Firewall turned on/off.?