OpenSUSE 11.1 KDE LiveCD torrent

to those that may interest this:

LinuxTracker .::. Index->Torrent->Details

i tried it (as a live cd only, not the installer) and it is running fine for me.

linux@linux:~> cat /etc/SuSE-release
openSUSE 11.1 (i586)
VERSION = 11.1

It’s a GM Edition not the Final Release.

are you sure that the GoldMaster version is not the same as the final version? I always thought they were the!

They are theoretical bug free releases but it’s not sure it will be the same. I think Final Release will have kernel and GM has So there WILL be some changes

It doesn’t get more correct the more you “think” and the more often you post it. :wink:

Well why am i saying this, because I installed GM and found this kernel version, so i started searching for kernel source, it appeared it’s old and the source where i would download it earlier already has the newer version, so probably all the apps will have to be compiled against that particular kernel.

P.S. What is interesting they somehow keep all the upgraded apps internally as i couldn’t find them anywhere else (it’s marked red in software management)
P.S.2 By the way the size of it is too identical to GM release :]
P.S.3 compare the sizes?

By the way, from what i see they still make some newer packages for 11.1 so they will either have to finish tomorrow to include it in the Final Image or leave it on repo.

Everyone look at Index of /
Last modified date on distribution folder is today but when You get inside there is nothing that was modified today so there must be a hidden folder that has all the changes :] Sherlock Holmes anyone rotfl!??

heh, No, release is done since 10 Dec and is not going to change at all, in fact it was sent to be pressed on DVDs…

So i may be quite right about upcoming kernel version :smiley: They had 5 days to fix some bugs after GM rotfl!

By the way, any of You by any chance can change needed dependencies in Amarok 2 from KDE 4 Stable repo??

from i have come to learn is that opensuse devs will not make any last minute changes to the iso’s, they are frozen for some time before the actual release date. It would really surprise me if there were additional images being created in just a day or three, only if there are serious blocker bugs in the internal release. Usually GM is the final, the mailing lists state that images have been send to the presses to create the boxed versions and I would doubt that the downloaded images are different, probably the more recent packages will be presented as updates for 11.1 after its release.

I will play around with the live cd for now but am still unsure if I will install it. My desktop pc is currently really liking Fedora 10 … decisions … decisions …


When they label something GM, yeah it’s final. No telling if a torrent is really what it says it is though.

Always a ton of Online Updates from the update repo after release date. That’s when improvements, fixes, Kernel updates (only update point releases as we stick officially with the current Kernel for the release lifetime) show up.

Like I speculated on my holy cow I changes to Factory and got new stuff (paraphrasing) thread, Factory has fixed most problems (like YaST Software Management slowdown) in the versions of stuff they have in there.

Not saying we get all those package versions in there, but probably some of them if the GM has somewhat newer stuff than oss, non-oss, and many of the rest through Online Updates. If not version changes then a lot of backported fixes. That happens all the time with the update repo.

And, speculation is fun! :slight_smile: Folks being argumentative and judgmental are just quelling the fun. It’s a new release. Who’s not wondering exactly what it’s gonna be like?