openSUSE 11.1/KDE 4.1.3 Desktop Feature


On the KDE 4.1.3 desktop open applications are also shown as an icon in the control bar. When putting the mouse over the icon a little window pops-up above the icon showing the content of the full screen of this application. Last night I did something with the mouse and the desktop disappeared being replaced by small versions of the screen content of all open applications, which is almost like ‘Spaces’ on OSX Leopard.

Now I wonder what I have done to invoke this nice little feature. I couldn’t reproduce it despite lots of wild mouse handling.

Can you help?



This is set in the Config Desktop
Desktop - Desktop Effects - All Effects

Ok. Thanks for your reply. But how do I invoke the displaying of all the preview screens?

Is there an area on the desktop I have to click in or a mouse gesture?



On mine, I get an ‘expose’ (previews of all open windows) type effect when I shove my mouse to the top left corner, I can’t just put the cursor in the top left but actually have to shove it up there as if I’m trying to push it off the screen. Perhaps to stop it happening accidentally?

I’m on KDE4.1.something from the Factory 11.0 repos, and I have a nice tab in Desktop Settings for configuring screen edges to do useful stuff. It also works off a keyboard shortcut.

Not sure but I think the effect might be called Present Windows. Its nice though eh?

Edit: The one above shows me windows from current desktop, another one in the top right corner gives me something equally funky (but differently so) with windows from all desktops <- figure this one is what you mean by ‘Spaces’.


I think it did indeed happen when I moved the mouse pointer across the screen diagonally. But I tried moving it from bottom left to top right in order to reproduce the popping up of the preview windows.

I’ll try again once I get home.