opensuse 11.1 kde 3.5 compiz fps drop

I have a Dell Optiplex 170L and I have installed opensuse 11.1 and kde 3.5 (not really into kde4). I have an Nvidia geforce fx 5500 and installed the driver from the opensuse/nvidia repository. The driver version is 173.14.18. Everything has been updated including Compiz. Everything works great for the exception that at some point, while running Compiz, the FPS drop until the xserver freezes. There are no errors in any of the logs but I know it has something to do with compiz because when the fps are low and I switch to kwin and switch back to compiz, the fps go back to normal. Here are some things to point out.

Disabled “sync to vBlank” in both the nvidia settings and compiz

Disabled “detect refresh rate” in compiz

Refresh rate is at 100 within compiz

Tried to use “Triple buffer” but in doing so, the number of fps is about 3/4 lower that when triple buffer in disabled.

All compiz plugins work without any errors whatsoever. The fps issue is the only thing making my installation near perfect. Any suggestions or if any information is needed from my end please feel free to post.

Thanx in advance,