OpenSUSE 11.1 issues

Hi guys,

I had OpenSUSE 11.0 and everything was working fine now I upgraded to OpenSUSE 11.1 and have the following errors:

1.- I can not write to my DVD - I was trying to burn a new ISO 32 bits and it just will not write it. It reads DVDs and CDs but I am having problems writing on it (K3d, Brassero, etc).

2.- Evolution : it is giving me some Junk Filter errors (Can not open pipe to Assassin)

These are the most annoying errors I am having so not so sure what to do from here.

The KDE interface movement is choppy … so I switched to GNOME (I am very pleased with it and the integration with Compiz).

Hope someone can help me if not, I will go back to 11.0.


  1. audio cd and dvd playback error - openSUSE Forums

Solved : K3b Problem with Normal User on openSUSE 11.1 | Spirit of Change

Thanks guys, It did fix my problem with the DVD/CD.