openSUSE 11.1 Installation Problem


just yesterday i have installed openSUSE 11.1…

after completion of installation there was windows of open

SUSE. everything is ok upto here…

then i restart the sytem

and at the time of booting this message comes at the top of screes

No operating system

then i again inserted DVD of suse…and choose option like
repair Installed system…

and then goes for Customized repair

and pick the topic like installed New Boot loader

then restart…
again same message…

No operating system

then again i have inserted DVD and now the pick the topic installation

and update it…

and set the boot options menu like this

openSUSE 11.1
Windows XP

then again i had work on Suse…listen music…and so on

and again restart

again i have this message

No operating system

and no options to choose either Win XP and Suse

then again

i have formatted the installed new one

again no problem in after installation

but again restart it

same problem

No operating system

help me

i am so tired by it

best regards


I would like to see three of the files:

1: menu.lst located at /boot/grub/menu.lst
2: located at /boot/grub/
3: fstab located at /etc/fstab

Can you copy the contents of those back here please?

I just attempted installing OpenSuSE 11.1 on my ThinkPad R51e and experienced the same issue. Using the repair installation option the 3rd or 4th time, when it tried (and failed) to correct the boot options, I used the browse feature to see if I could even see the /boot/vmlinuz file… /boot was a link (not a subdirectory) and I could see no files or directories beyond /boot, though I could browse several other directories from the root, which tells me that there is something wrong with /boot.

Boot from CD/DVD, do not choose Repair, but choose Installation. At one point you will have the option “Boot installed system”. Pick that one, you will see that openSUSE is installed. Once you see the login screen, hit Ctrl-Alt-F1, login as root with root password. Now type mount, you’ll see a /dev/sdaX mounted on “/” where X is a number. Now type:
grub-install /dev/sdaX , where X is the number found above. Now the bootloader is installed and pointing to the partition where you installed openSUSE 11.1 on. Should boot now, other options should work as well.

@laffingdrum, if you’re having difficulty getting the files I asked for you could use the method of Knurpht to get into openSUSE so you can retrieve the files.